Carson Craig, Nascent Novelist, is now Dream it Up, Write it Down

Return to Bloggerland - The Return InnThe Nascent Novelist Returns to Bloggerland

Hello again to my following friends and to the Internet! I’m restarting this fiction writing blog. Well, not restarting, exactly; I’m going to start adding new content again.

To celebrate, the site has a brand-new Internet address: The old URL, , will still resolve to this page, though, so don’t worry your pretty little head if you have the site already bookmarked — that goes for both of you.

Rebranding for my Fellow Fiction Writers

Back in the olden days, this blog was eponymous. After some thought, I’ve decided I’d rather shift the emphasis around here from me to you. I am going to try posting stuff that will be helpful for part-time fiction writers, especially part-time novelists.


The change in emphasis might be subtle, since I’ll still write about my own experiences, but I hope over time that the revised focus will become more apparent and that you’ll find information and inspiration here to drive your fiction forward.



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