My Life as a Twit

twitI wish I had time for book marketing, or, more precisely, I wish I wanted to make the time for it by sacrificing other things, but those other things, which include actually writing fiction, keep shoving it out of the way.

Still, I do a couple of things on a random basis. This blog, for instance. Thanks to friends and family – thanks, you guys! – there are some people who actually read it, and once in a while, a complete stranger wanders in from Networld and gives it a look – thanks to you guys, too! And I have an author page on Facebook here, which gets a look now and then. I don’t do much with it because of the time shortage.

Then there’s Twitter, which I am into more at some times, less at others. Right now, I’m more into it. My handle is @coolcarsoncraig, if you’re interested in following (or blocking, maybe).twitterHead

Sometimes, if I’m having a bad attitude, which is a lot, I’ll feel that having a Twitter presence is kind of like wandering around a huge meadow with a lot of other people in it, all of them very far away, and shouting. Occasionally, one of these people will wander within earshot. Of these, a miniscule portion will pay attention to your shouts, and perhaps react. You, too, will wander within hearing distance of some of your fellow meadow-walkers from time to time, and once in a while, you’ll react. Mostly, though, you’re unheard, heard but not reacted to, or heard and ignored.

But on a good-attitude day, I realize there are some shining moments in the Twitterverse. Someone will follow your feed for a reason other than to sell you 10,000 followers. You’ll get a Like on a tweet, or even a re-tweet. You’ll get a direct message that reflects a genuine desire for community.

The best thing about Twitter, though, is that it gives you concrete proof that there are countless other writers out there, fighting the same battles, experiencing the same defeats, celebrating the same victories. When you see this, suddenly you can hear all those far-away meadow people, and they’re all shouting, mostly joyfully, about writing. Sometimes somebody hits a big milestone, like 100,000 words, or they get an agent, or their book comes out, and they’re absolutely singing. Other times, they’re calling out encouragement or creative ideas, in case anybody needs them, and who doesn’t?

So, anyway, I don’t know if it’s much of a marketing thing, but I kind of like it out there in the Kingdom of Twitvalia (Is that dumb? Well, screw it, I’m leavin’ it.). It’s a place where I can reach out to like-minded souls, lots of them. Even if the connection is ephemeral, it’s still uplifting, and a writer needs that.

Now, there’s also Instagram, and Snapchat, and… Oh forget it. No time!

Happy writing! (And tweeting!)


Trouble Spots: The manic tale of a young man's escape from Hell.

By the way, I wrote a novel. It’s full of laughs and adventure. It’s called Trouble Spots, and you can get the Kindle version here or the paperback here. It’s also available at lots of other awesome e-book outlets.