Next Novel Ideas

Okay, here’s something non-corona virus. May I ask whoever cares to, please, to take a look at the list of novel descriptions below and let me know your top three, in order? I’m trying to figure out what to work on next, and this is a tip from my reading.

Please respond in Twitter if you found this link there, or in the comments. Thanks very much, and stay well, everybody.

The Extreme Medium
A wanna-be private eye becomes a hero – until a mysterious book of spells and a company of ghosts ruin everything.

Jesus Saves a Lot
The perfect suburban wife meets Jesus at the Sav-a-Lot and her life spirals into chaos.

Thin Places
Colin Davis is coping well with afterlife in Hell, until he has to escape to rescue his abducted brother back in the mortal world. (Rewrite of Trouble Spots, my first novel)

The Mortal Portal
Colin and Alexis are living a romantic dream, until demons kidnap Alexis and Colin must break out his magic sword.

The Littlest Valkyrie
An accidental Valkyrie goes from being merely incompetent to bringing about the End of Days to keeping the end from coming.

The Navigator
An enslaved wizard is navigating yet another cargo ship across the galaxy when his plots start taking the ship to the wrong, and dangerous, places.

The Artist
A private eye is about to retire when his old clients start showing up in oversized picture frames, dead as nails… an he thinks he’s next.

After his bizarre birth, Rudy becomes the perfect son… until at 16 he morphs into a monster.

A young man drops out and heads west for a life of freedom, but aliens, a gang of evil clowns, and an irresistible girl force him to take a detour.

Bread, Salt, Wine, Blood
A contemplative monk prepares to take vows of solitude, but when invaders attack, he must quest for a legendary weapon.

Something Strange
A persnickety hotel clerk and an aging stripper share an apartment and little else, until she disappears and he goes searching for her.