Your Friendly Neighborhood Fiction Writer

The Usual Chaos

Let me start by saying that right now my son is walking in circles around the coffee table for no apparent reason, the dog has just thrown on the hallway rug–an antique oriental from my wife’s family. My wife, who is down the hall, peacefully Facebooking, will have heard the dog’s distress and make an appearance in one… two… and there she is! Now it’s time for me to jump up and grab the paper towels. Back in a minute.

<A minute passes.>

Yours Truly

Hi, there. I’m Carson Craig, husband, dad, dog owner, writer, seeker, dreamer. I’m a middle-aged guy who works for a big corporation and lives in a large city. My wife and son are the loves of my life and that life is great, even with dog accidents. All in all, I’m pretty ordinary, except that if I go several days without doing something creative, I break out in hives.

The Blog Mission

Originally, I started this blog to sort of write my novel in public and to share my thoughts and experiences as I went through the writing process, in hopes of generating some interest and helping other aspiring novelists. Now I’ve decided to change directions a bit. This space will have next to none of my own writing (I’ll save Twitter and Facebook for news about that). Instead, my bent here will be toward providing content that will be helpful to part-time fiction writers, especially novelists. I’ll be sharing personal experience here, too, but only insomuch as it might be helpful to other writers.

My Fiction-Writing Journey

I’m a recovering English major and, like many of my ilk, have long dreamed of writing a novel. Several years ago I started the process, got sidetracked with short stories, bushwhacked by trying to be the literary and then the commercial author I was not, made myself miserable and vowed to quit writing fiction forever.

I launched into drawing and painting, which was a wonderful experience, like discovering a home I never knew I had. After five or six years of that, something clicked (snapped?) and I was back writing again; however, this time, I was writing what I wanted to, in the manner I wanted to, without trying to please some imaginary literary forebear or some elusive market. I was writing on my own schedule and the pressure was off. The result was utter joy.

Now I’m done with the first novel and working through the second. And it’s FUN! The first novel is Trouble Spots, available at most major online outlets. It’s about a young man whose soul gets trapped in Hell by mistake and his adventures in getting out. Mayhem, world-saving and girl-getting ensue.

More Stuff, in Case You Have Lots of Free Time, or Need a Soporific

Wife and Son

Craig family stands by an old canon at an old fort
The fam visits an old fort

My family is great! I love them. Enough said.


Carson Craig awarded tie kwon doe yellow belt
Passing my first belt test

In my early twenties, I earned a 1st Dan black belt in a style of karate I call “YMCA.” It was mostly Japanese karate with other tidbits thrown in. The style, and the fierce little lady who was Sensei, taught me a lot about discipline and fitness. Now I’m taking taekwondo at a World Taekwondo Federation school. The chief instructor is a 5th Dan black belt who understands that the middle-aged body will not to the same things the young body will.

Then we’ll see about hip surgery. Ha!


After several years of running and increasing pain, my back went slap out – bulging disc, sciatica, the works. I stopped running and started practicing yoga. In less than a year, I was pain-free. Other pursuits have crowded out yoga for now, but I still get some in when I can. Fortunately for us all, there are no pictures of me performing yoga.


Carson Craig playing guitar
Me and Pawley the guitar

I’ve been playing guitar for a long time, but never with a great deal of focus. I’m a pretty good strummer and a good singer, and I can pick some blues and rock, nothing major. The thing about the guitar is that it’s one of my oldest friends. Since the age of thirteen, I’ve been able to pick up the guitar to have some fun or get out some feelings. I love it.

Well, that’s about enough, don’t you think? Thanks for being here. I hope you’ll come back often!

See you between the lines.

Happy writing,


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